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Q: What is the connection between Marcel Wanders and this Boutique?

A: Marcel Wanders is a renowned product and interior designer, who worked for global luxury brands and fascinating interior projects all over the world. He had for 30 years his own design studio in Amsterdam. In this Boutique he shares some beautiful, unique, limited pieces with you. You have to really seek for the treasures we share here. You will find here products from the Personal Editions collection. And treasures with a story. Some even were exhibited in museums.

Q: Is everything I can buy here really from Marcel Wanders in Amsterdam?

A: Yes, these treasures come straight from the centre of Amsterdam to your beautiful place.

Q: I am a company and would like to purchase a treasure. Is that possible?

A: Off course. Please fill in your VAT number and you will receive an invoice without VAT (for companies within the European Union). Companies outside of Europe receive an invoice without VAT.

Q: Are the prices inclusive or exclusive?

A: All mentioned prices are including Dutch VAT and excluding, transport, insurance, customs fees. When the deliveries go outside the Eurean Union, the Dutch VAT will be deducted from the price.

Q: Can I return the treasure after I bought it?

A: Yes, please see our Refund Policy.

Q: Under every product there is a line with ‘All pieces in this Boutique are designed by Marcel Wanders and unique. We do not guarantee the well-functioning of the item.’ Why?

A: The Boutique is not a web shop where you can find functional products with a manual, usage instructions or child safety stickers on packaging. You will find here small, big, heavy and extraordinary treasures that Marcel Wanders designed and are only available at this place. Shipped from the heart of Amsterdam. Every piece is unique and doesn’t have the functionality of normal products. Marcel Wanders: “If poetry is about love and art is about love and theatre is about love and if opera is about love… why do we think design is about… functionality?”

We would say, please handle everything with care and like art pieces. The risk of handling and usage of the items lies with you.

Q: How do I place an order?

A: To place an order, simply select the item you would like to order and add this item to your shopping basket. If you would like to order multiple items, you can easily go back to our product pages and continue shopping.

When you are satisfied with your selection, follow the instructions on the check-out page to contact us.

After entering your billing information, you can proceed to the shipping page and choose your preferred delivery method.

Then confirm and complete your order!

After completing your order, you’ll receive your order confirmation via email.

Q: What payment methods can I use?

A: Credit card (maximum of 7.500 euro), iDeal and Paypal. An invoice can also be made and sent to your email address for you to pay via bank transfer.

Q: How long will it take before I receive my order?

A: We will start with the packing and shipping activities, as soon as we received the amount due. During this process we will keep you updated.

Q: What delivery options do I have?

A: We ship in agreement with your chosen order method. We carefully pack your item in Amsterdam and our art shipper sends it to your address.

You can always choose to collect the item(s) in Amsterdam yourself.

Transport is always DAP, which means that we deliver at your place and you have to arrange and pay the duties.

Q: How does the return procedure work?

A: If your ordered item does not meet your expectations, you have the option to return your order.

You have 14 days to return your ordered item(s)

Returning your order is at your own costs (shipment and duties paid) and need to be packed very carefully and in the same packaging as you received the item.

Please get in touch with our studio to discuss your return. They are happy to provide you with all the necessary details to complete your return. You can reach them on +31 (0)20 422 1339 or info@marcelwandersboutique.com

Q: Why is the offer in the Boutique every time different?

A: There are unique, limited and special items in the Boutique. We don’t keep stock. If products are sold out, we will take it from this site. Some products can be reproduced; please contact us to ask for the possibilities.

Q: What is the lead time of my order?

A: After your payment is made, the items are being shipped to your delivery address.

For items that are on request (enquiry), we are in direct contact (email) and communicate the shipment information with your approval.

You will receive an order confirmation by e-mail right after the purchase.

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